Swithin Zimuzo

Democratizing Luxury

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Indulge in our customizable gift packages, teas, and cider, discovering African elegance.

Coming soon

Our gifts

The Ocarina

We innovated gift giving as we launched the 12-in-one gift box.

Gift Giving will never be the same

Receiving a gift made just for you is the most endearing thing.
Talk to us today to get our wooden crate, etched with the name of a loved on, a colleague, your staff or clients.

Our Tea Collection

Discover our coming tea collection

Introducing a line of teas adapted to alertness, beauty and longevity for different times of the day. 

Morning Tea
Evening sleep tea
Beauty tea
Menstrual Cycle tea
Loose Tea

SWITHIN ZIMUZO, Luxury by Africans for Africans.
Changing luxury from what is experienced without to what is created within.

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